High precision asset and
process inspections

Get high quality video and thermal imaging to dramatically increase the efficiency of asset inspections. Locate, assess and fix all anomalies in-time to save millions.

Resource and time

Manage your assets across acres with precise drone-led inspections

Cut down inspection time while boosting its accuracy and efficacy multifold. Our drones’ class-leading endurance and range help you inspect assets precisely and maintain all them with regular inspections.

Ruggedized and dynamically controlled drones

Control your operations with strict and thorough inspections using our high endurance and all-terrain drones. Our drones’ highly flexible and dynamic flight paths give engineers and supervisors the edge in tracking and analyzing problems from miles away.

High quality precise video and thermal imaging for in-depth asset analysis

Set strategic waypoints and let our fully autonomous drones follow the path precisely. You can take over controls to set dynamic destinations or waypoints. Just point the camera and capture all points of interest live.


Versatile applications across use cases, industries and regions

Get to hard-to-reach areas with our light and highly manoeuvrable drones to spot errors, anomalies, and faults at the right time. All this with increased accuracy and at minimal risk.

Spot bottlenecks before they turn critical

Whether in solar energy or oil and gas, timely detection of errors and can save millions in time and resources. Imagine fixing a corroded oil pipeline in time with our drone’s thermal imaging. A timely-detected fault in, say railway tracks, could also save dozens of lives.

Assess disaster preparedness, save lives and public wealth

Be better prepared with actionable insights in disaster preparedness no matter the terrain. Our drones visual and thermal mapping help you not just with the preparation, but also to better handle post-disaster missions and campaigns.

Long-lasting dividends with drone deployment

Our drones enable faster, more efficient and safer asset inspections with much more actionable insights as compared to any traditional method previously employed.


Exceptional control with our high performance industrial drones

ideaForge leads the industry in designing and manufacturing drones capable of traversing adverse conditions at high-altitudes, close to boilers or wind turbines. All this with total stability and razor sharp HD images.

Dependable and actionable results – consistently

ideaForge drones are built with military design philosophies. They are built to withstand multiple flights with total control across industrial use cases. The core mission is always getting precise and actionable insights for asset and inventory management.

Perfect balance of automation and manual control

Any operator can easily set waypoints or flight path for the drones and deploy them easily from even the most operationally restrictive areas. The drones expertly manoeuvre their surroundings to enable close and minute inspections.

Transform your asset inspection projects now

Find out how you can manage your assets better
with us at much lesser costs

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