• Drone Applications

    Our drones are used across a range of applications by defense and homeland security agencies and enterprises. We can help you realize your desired results with our fully-integrated UAV systems & solutions.

Defence & Homeland Security

Drones or UAVs can identify security and terrorism-related challenges and pinpoint vulnerable areas that are prone to various risks. Drones are the modern-day force multiplier that can enhance the capabilities of security forces to contain terror and to counter the emerging challenges in defence and homeland security.

Anti Terror

Detect threats and identify risk-prone areas from a remote location

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Border Security

Conduct reconnaissance missions and track illegal activities without risking lives

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Counter Insurgency

Conduct surveillance and gather actionable intelligence

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Crime Control

Enhance law enforcement with remote situation assessment and crime scene analysis

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Crowd Monitoring

Detect irregular activity and gain in-depth situational awareness

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Disaster Management

Gain real-time knowledge of the situation and plan search and rescue operations effectively

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Forest & Wildlife

Track criminal activity and boost conservation efforts

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Traffic Monitoring

Analyze and control traffic movement and respond to emergencies more effectively

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Drones have become an integral part of operations such as mapping, surveying, equipment inspection, analyze difficult-to-monitor areas, project monitoring and precision agriculture activities. The deployment of drones for such operations reduces crew costs by minimizing time-consuming ground observations.

Precision Agriculture

Analyze crop growth pattern and inspect crops for diseases quickly

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Construction & Real Estate

Inspect buildings, bridges, rail lines and other infrastructure without scaffolding or booms

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Industrial Asset Inspection

Examine solar farms and detect anomalies with fewer or no personnel

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Use aerial surveys and photogrammetry to improve blast optimization

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Oil & Gas

Eliminate human intervention for detecting leaks or emissions, spills and corrosion in hard-to-reach areas

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Power Transmission

Inspect transmission towers and distribution infrastructure without risking human lives

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Solar Energy

Capture in-depth infrared signatures and hot spots of defective panels accurately to improve operating efficiency

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Wind Energy

Get in-depth analysis of blades, nacelle and towers at lowered operation costs & time

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