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Always in Command, Even From Afar

Integrate your Drone’s real-time feed into your existing Command & Control Centers with BlueFire Live!™, a state-of-the-art real-time video streaming solution. Whether it is on an intranet or the Internet, you can see your Drone’s video from wherever you are.

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BlueFire Live!™

What is BlueFire Live!™

BlueFire Live!™ is a state-of-the-art real-time video streaming solution that provides remote users with secured access to an encrypted live-stream of their drones’ video feed.

BlueFire Live!™ Work on Open Protocols and can be integrated with popular Video Management Systems (VMS) & Command & Control Centers.

ideaForge Blue Fire Live

How can BlueFire Live!™ be used?

See and control your Drone’s feed from wherever you are. You may analyse multiple drone footage in your control room as well as share a single drone footage to multiple stakeholders.

ideaForge BlueFire Live!™

Where is BlueFire Live!™ used?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A speed of 5Mbps is recommended for an optimum streaming experience.

BlueFire Live!™ works on the ONVIF standard, meaning it can be integrated with any Video Management System that is ONVIF Compatible.

BlueFire Live!™ server can be deployed based on the customer’s requirement. It can even be deployed on a private intranet.

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