The Mapping Maestro
Up toOverUp to
4 km
40 min
2 kg
Operational Range
Flight Time
Take-off Weight


RYNO is ideaForge’s micro category survey-grade drone designed and specialized for mapping applications. It is equipped with an advanced mapping payload and ideaForge’s state-of-the-art- PPK module to deliver superior results. Due to its high accuracy in mapping applications, it is the only micro category drone that has been approved by the Survey of India (SOI) towards the Swamitva Yojana, which is set to be one of the largest drone-powered mapping projects in the world.

Tech Specs

India is a vast and diverse country. Frigid mountainous regions, hot deserts, humid plains and wetlands with torrential rains, the country has regions that represent every weather pattern and terrain conditions. Proudly Made in India, RYNO UAV has been built to withstand these demanding conditions and deliver stellar performance. 

UAV Weight with battery and max. payload<2 Kg
Range of live transmission (LOS)4 km (un-obstructed & interference free)
Typical Cruise Speed10 m/s
Functional Temperature Range-10°C to +50°C
Dust & Drizzle ResistanceIP53 rating
Deployment Time<10 minutes
Packaging and StorageBackpacks to carry all mission critical components
Regulatory ComplianceNPNT Ready – applicable for Indian airspace
GNSS GradeHigh accuracy L1 & L2 Frequency Band Enabled
Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)<3 cm
Typical X, Y accuracy<5 cm
Typical Z accuracy<10 cm
Absolute X, Y accuracy<10 cm (with 95% confidence interval)
Absolute Z accuracy<20 cm (with 95% confidence interval)
Terrain AvoidanceDetects and avoids natural terrain by using elevation data (where available)
Geo Tagging
Autonomous Flight Termination System or Return Home (RH) optionReturn home triggered by land command on various fail safe features
Multiple GPS on-boardFor Redundancy
Auto-Return to Home and LandOn Communication Failure
Auto-Return to Home and LandOn Low Battery
Auto-Return to Home and LandOn exceeding Wind limit of the system
Auto-Return to Home and LandOn Battery Imbalance
Auto-Return to Home and LandOn exceeding Temperature limit of the system


SOI Qualified Micro Drone

Passed technical qualifications for Survey of India (SOI) for Swtamitva Yojna

Superior Accuracy

<5cm in X&Y-axis and <10cm in Z-axis with survey-grade PPK Module

Robust Build Quality

Map up to 2000 sq. km with a singleRYNO UAV

Best-in-Class Area Coverage

Passed technical qualifications for Survey of India (SOI) for Swamitva Yojana

Terrain Avoidance & Fail-safe Features

Safely conduct surveying operations in tough weather and terrain conditions

Compliant With Air Travel

With the rating less than 100 watt hrs, Ryno battery can be hand carried in flight for easy transportation


75% Lighter than Drones with Similar Performance

Quadcopter Configuration with VTOL

Conduct operations with increased flexibility, even from smaller areas

Waypoint Based Navigation

Take control whenever needed

Less than 10 minutes Deployment Time

User-friendly assembly to conduct mapping operations faster

Minimal Training Requirements

No UAOP, Security Clearance or DGCA Training required*
*applicable in India only | under 60m AGL

NPNT Ready

Designed for NPNT standard

Real-world Outputs

ideaForge’s commitment to produce highest quality drones ensures that our UAVs deliver consistent results across defence, homeland security and enterprise applications

Step-by-Step Execution


The combination of mapping payload with PPK module is a powerhouse in itself. It delivers class-dominating accuracy that has never been seen before.

>20Megapixel Camera
1.5 inch CMOS Sony Sensor
64GB Storage (Expandable)

Ground Control Station

Our state-of-the-art GCS enables fully autonomous flight and provides a host of safety features and security.

  • Terrain Avoidance to keep your RYNO safe
  • Takeoff/Landing Assistance ensures you concentrate on outcomes
  • Flight Planning for predictable and repeatable mapping operations
  • Geotagging software for accurate post-processing
  • Live Display of Flight Parameters to keep you updated every step of the way
  • Encrypted Communication for highest privacy
  • Fail Safe Features for Comm Loss, Low Battery, High Winds, GeoFence breach (NPNT), Temperature range violation


RYNO UAV’s dedicated mapping payload and PPK Module make it the default choice for various mapping and surveying applications across multiple industries

Frequently Asked Questions

ideaForge Ryno is a survey-grade mapping drone which meets the demands of high-accuracy mapping applications such as Land Surveying, Mining, Construction etc. This UAV comes with an integrated PPK rover coupled with a Trimble base station that can produce X/Y accuracies better than 5 cms and Z accuracy better than 10 cms.

The UAV performs a completely autonomous flight once the flight plan, Image Overlap, height etc are set in the UAV during flight planning.

In a scenario where the winds are high, battery is depleting or is imbalanced, communication loss between Ground control station and the drone, the UAV will initiate return to the same spot it took off from and land on its own without any manual intervention

In India, for flying any UAV, it must be compliant with DGCA’s Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR). CAR is a set of regulations that apply to any UAV that intends to fly in the Indian Airspace. Permission for flying will be digitally given by DGCA’s digital sky platform

Since ideaForge Ryno is a micro category drone, you do not need a license (UAOP – Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit) for flying the UAV till 60m of height.

ideaForge Ryno is an IP53 rated drone which means it is not recommended to fly the drone during rain. The UAV can handle light drizzle. Also, during rainfall, the visibility gets very poor which defeats the purpose of using drones for a mapping application.

The Drone camera captures the images which are stored onboard the UAV. The PPK rover helps capturing the GPS data which is also stored on the UAV.

The drone is a complete system that is supplied to the customer and any additional components are not required. It is a ready to use system and can be used for mapping applications out of the box.

The drone had been tested to achieve a height of 120 m with a maximum linear range of 4 km. It can cover an area of 1 sq km in a single flight.

The UAV can be carried in an airplane. Since the batteries are <100WHr, they are permitted to be carried in Carry-on baggage only.

The UAV comes with a terrain hugging feature which means that even during the uneven terrains, it maintains the height that was originally loaded during its flight plan. The UAV automatically adjusts (ascends / descends) its height with no manual intervention required.

The drone offers the feature where a new flight plan can be uploaded in between a flight operation. The UAV resumes its previous job once the new flight plan is completed.

On Battery depletion, the drone will initiate home-landing on its own. Once the UAV has landed, the user can change the battery and fly it immediately to resume the flight operation from the same point.

You can do continuous operations by replacing the batteries. The drone does not require any cooling period after each flight.


Power your projects with our state-of-the-art land mapping drone, RYNO UAV