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We are a vertically integrated aerial robotics company, creating cutting-edge technology solutions for unmanned system applications. Built on a strong foundation of inter-disciplinary engineering, we deliver high-performance, safe and autonomous unmanned systems for enhancing productivity and security for our customers.

We are the leading providers of unmanned aerial vehicles to defence and homeland security establishments in India, supplying reliable platforms with best-in-class performance. We also deliver systems and services for commercial UAV applications in domains such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure & environment.

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  • “These (drone) cameras are coming in very handy. The picture quality is crystal clear. We are able to see over a long distance, and monitor movement accordingly”

    Commanding Officer, CRPF – AK Bhardwaj

  • “See: NETRAV2′ Eye in d Sky! An effective surveillance tool which all state police forces need to deploy”

    Kiran Bedi on Twitter

  • “Earlier, I only knew the area where I was deployed for bandobast duty. Now with NETRAv2, I understand not only the route but every single road, lane, building and even the terraces and parapets.”
    Sub-Inspector with the technical team of the state Anti-Terrorism Squad,
    Ahmedabad, Bharat Kataria

  • “It’s a GPS-based automated device fitted with infrared cameras. It uses one of the most advanced technologies available in the market today for aerial surveillance,”
    Rajiv RanjanBhagat
    Gujarat DIG (modernisation)

  • “The UAV was used to observe crowds. It showed areas that suddenly became crowded and required more deployment. It spotted roads where vehicles were wrongly parked, enabling police to take corrective measures. The device will be helpful in terror surveillance too.”
    Mumbai police on using NETRAV2 for New Year’s Eve security measures

  • “The deployment of NETRAv2s during the RathYatra augurs well for the future of this technology. A total of 20 pieces were ordered and inducted. The usage of these UAVs on the field, as done by the Gujarat police, will encourage more potential users to come forward and place orders”
    Alok Mukherjee
    Joint Director of R&DE (E) and head of the robotics division

  • “The plan to buy another drone was mooted long ago. But its service during the Chatterjee International fire has accelerated the process.”
    Debasish Roy
    Kolkata Additional commissioner

  • “UAV was used with the intention of monitoring crowd, spotting unnatural behaviour and checking pressure points. Besides, a notification was issued by the police, banning micro-aircraft and paragliders over MMRDA grounds till the rally got over. The UAV  was activated by 11am and was doing surveillance till the rally ended around 3.50pm.”
    Mumbai police on usage of NETRAV2 for NarendraModi’s rally at MMRDA

  • “In Sikkim, UAVs can be useful to Tourism, Land Revenue and Disaster Management, Forest, Transport, Police Roads & Bridges and District Administration. It can be used for locating lost mountaineers and trekkers, locating survivors during natural calamities, surveillance on borders to prevent intruders, jail escapees, illegal felling of trees and illegal grazing.”
    Rajesh Verma
    Department of Information Technology Principal Director (Sikkim)

  • “The UAV will help provide a bird’s eye view to security agencies in Srinagar. The UAV will be operated jointly by the police and the CRPF for aerial surveillance.”
    Kishore Kumar
    CRPF public relations officer

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