• Enterprises

    Our drones provide intelligent & accurate survey and inspection data that enable enterprises formulate strategic projects with in-depth planning


Drones have become an integral part of operations such as mapping, surveying, equipment inspection, analyze difficult-to-monitor areas, project monitoring and precision agriculture activities. The deployment of drones for such operations reduces crew costs by minimizing time-consuming ground observations.

Precision Agriculture

Increase crop yield with targeted application of fertilizers and pesticides

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Construction & Real Estate

Survey sites, measure materials and monitor progress efficiently

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Industrial Asset Inspection

Access hard-to-reach or hazardous areas without risking human lives

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Measure stockpile volumes and manage inventory with higher accuracy

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Oil & Gas

Inspect infrastructure effectively to ensure consistent operational integrity

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Power Transmission

Cut operation and maintenance costs and boost worker safety

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Solar Energy

Detect and diagnose operational anomalies faster without costly shutdowns

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Wind Energy

Safely inspect wind turbines and internal components to extend infrastructure lifespan

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