SWITCH UAV is a first of its kind VTOL and fixed wing hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. SWITCH features advanced flight time, higher safety and simple operation with additional fail-safe redundancies.

It is used for long duration operations, long endurance surveillance and security, inspection and photogrammetry.

Technical Specifications

Endurance: > 120 minutes

Range (LoS): 15 km

Weight: < 7 kg

Wind Resistance: Up to 10.8 knots or 20 km/h

Vehicle Size: ~ 2.6 m x 1.8 m

Ingress Protection: IP53 Rated for Dust & Water Resistance

Max Launch Altitude: 4000 m AMSL

Max Operating Altitude: 1000 m AGL


Combined Day & Night Payload

Daylight Payload: 1280 x 720 pixels, 25x Optical Zoom

Thermal Payload: 640 x 480 pixels

Ground Control Station (GCS) Features

1 High range communication box
2 Handheld controller for full camera control (pan, tilt, zoom, black/white hot modes)


Pre-flight self-checks,
Integrated application software with geographic map and video view,
Real-time video streaming

Fail-Safe Features

Multiple GPS for redundancy

Return home on low battery

Return home on high winds


Anti Terror

Detect threats and identify risk-prone areas from a remote location

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Border Security

Conduct reconnaissance missions and track illegal activities without risking lives

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Counter Insurgency

Conduct surveillance and gather actionable intelligence

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Crime Control

Enhance law enforcement with remote situation assessment and crime scene analysis

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Crowd Monitoring

Detect irregular activity and gain in-depth situational awareness

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Disaster Management

Gain real-time knowledge of the situation and plan search and rescue operations effectively

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Forest & Wildllife

Track criminal activity and boost conservation efforts

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Traffic Monitoring

Analyze and control traffic movement and respond to emergencies more effectively

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Precision Agriculture

Analyze crop growth pattern and inspect crops for diseases quickly

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Construction & Real Estate

Inspect buildings, bridges, rail lines and other infrastructure without scaffolding or booms

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Industrial Asset Inspection

xamine solar farms and detect anomalies with fewer or no personnel

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Use aerial surveys and photogrammetry to improve blast optimization

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