• Defense & Homeland Security

    Our rugged UAVs are deployed as force multipliers by security forces in defense, security and battlefield management, especially for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Defence & Homeland Security

Drones or UAVs can identify security and terrorism-related challenges and pinpoint vulnerable areas that are prone to various risks. Drones are the modern-day force multiplier that can enhance the capabilities of security forces to contain terror and to counter the emerging challenges in defence and homeland security.

Anti Terror

Get advanced surveillance with integrated AI to identify risks and terrorist threats

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Border Security

Remotely track suspicious activities 24×7 with real-time reconnaissance

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Counter Insurgency

Pin-point the locations of insurgent groups for counter insurgency operations without risking human lives

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Crime Control

Track illegal activity and capture evidence to improve conviction rates

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Crowd Monitoring

Get vital on-ground information to prevent untoward incidences

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Disaster Management

Plan rescue missions effectively with real-time knowledge in emergency situations

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Forest & Wildlife

Monitor flora and fauna and plan reforestation and conservation efforts more efficiently

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Traffic Monitoring

Get real-time information of case of emergencies like road accidents and divert traffic effectively

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