Always within Earshot

Up to Up to Up to
2 km
30 min
6 kg
Operational Range
Flight Time
Take-off Weight


The Megaphone Drone by ideaForge sports a dual payload setup; it can carry an HD camera with 10x optical zoom as well as a megaphone simultaneously. This makes it possible to conduct surveillance procedures and simultaneously make public announcements, all from a remote location.

With two payloads, the Megaphone Drone provides more in-field functional capabilities and enables streamlined operations for law enforcement agencies. It also assists in better planning and strategic deployment of resources for applications such as surveillance, monitoring and dispersing crowds, and more.


  • Encrypted HD video feed
  • Issue Live Public announcements
  • Identify and Track Moving Objects
  • VTOL Capability
  • Force multiplier
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Technical Specifications

Up to
30 min
Endurance (MSL)
Up to
2 km
Range (LoS)
Less than
6 kg
Up to
36 km/h
Wind Resistance
Up to
2000 m
Max Launch Altitude (AMSL)
Up to
200 m
Max Operating Altitude (AGL)


HD Imaging Payload
1280×720 resolution
10x Optical zoom
Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
Target detection up to 800 m
Megaphone Operational Audible Altitude (AGL)
>75 m
Range of Wireless Audio transmission
Up to 2 km

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Ground Control Station (GCS) Features

ideaForge’s state-of-the-art GCS enables fully autonomous flight and provides a host of safety features and utmost privacy

Fail-Safe Features

Multiple GPS for redundancy

Return home on low battery

Return home on high winds


Conduct surveillance missions and make targeted announcements remotely, with ideaForge’s Megaphone Drone

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