The High-altitude Sentinel
Over Over Up to
5 km
60 min
6 kg
Operational Range
Flight Time
Take-off Weight


Belonging to the pedigree family of NETRA UAVs, the NETRA V4 Prime UAV is purpose-built for high-altitude operations. The UAV boasts of best-in-class flight time and range, and features robust build and surveillance capabilities to deliver critical on-ground situational awareness in tough weather and terrain conditions.

ideaForge NETRAv4 Prime UAV

Tech Specification

We have an illustrious history of working with India’s defence and homeland security forces and meeting their most demanding requirements. NETRA V4 Prime UAV is a product of this experience and our bleeding-edge technology

UAV Weight with battery and max. payload <6 kg
UAV Size with Propeller <1.5mx1.5m
Range of live transmission (LOS) 5 km (un-obstructed & interference free)
Typical Cruise Speed 10 m/s
Functional Temperature Range -10°C to +55°C (Third Party Lab Certified)
Dust & Drizzle Resistance IP53 rating (Third Party Lab Certified)
Deployment Time <10 minutes
Navigation Lights Switchable (from GCS)
Frequency Band 2.4GHz or 5GHz (depending on application)
Day Surveillance Daylight HD 1280 X 720 px with 10x optical zoom video payload
Night Surveillance Thermal 640 X 480 px video payload
Payload Replacement Time <5 minutes
Payload Control (in flight) Pan: 360° continuous | Tilt: 90°
Target Detection Slant Range (Human Size Target) Daylight: Minimum 800 m | Thermal: Minimum 400 m
Map Capability of working with some publicly available open-source maps.
Application has the capability to download maps automatically after
specifying location GPS co-ordinates
2D Maps: Capability to import custom maps
3D Maps: Capability to integrate SRTM and DTED based elevation data
Terrain Avoidance Detects and avoids natural terrain by using elevation data (where available)
Free Hand Annotation Capability to annotate areas of interest on the map screen

Warranty – 12 months or 500 flights whichever is earlier.


Best-in-Class Flight Time & Range

For long duration ISR operation

Moving Target Indicator and Target Tracking

Identify moving objects and track them autonomous

Terrain Avoidance and Terrain Hugging Capability

Conduct operations in mountainous terrain and densely populated urban areas safely

Low Aural Signature

Detect and identify targets without being recognized

Certified to operate between -10°C to +55°C

Reliable and consistent performance in deserts as well as high-altitude regions

C4i Integration

Real-time situational awareness with unified view

Night Payload

Conduct ISR operations at night as well

10x Optical Zoom

Detect targets while being out of human auditory range

VTOL Capable

Take-off and land in confined spaces with no need for a runway


Carry out operations wherever required

Autonomous Flight

Minimal training required

Encrypted Data Stream

Prevent hacking by an external entity

Real-world Outputs

ideaForge’s commitment to produce highest quality drones ensures that our UAVs deliver consistent results across defence, homeland security and enterprise applications


Whether day or night, NETRA V4 Prime UAV’s state-of-the-art payloads provide superior real-time surveillance capabilities for achieving mission success.

Daylight payload
1280 x 720 pixels with 10x optical zoom
Thermal payload
640 x 480 pixels

Ground Control Station

ideaForge’s state-of-the-art GCS enables fully autonomous flight with utmost privacy and provides a host of safety features.

  • Terrain Avoidance to keep your NETRA V4 Prime UAV safe
  • Easy take-off and landing ensures you concentrate on outcomes
  • Waypoint based navigation for ease of flying
  • Live Display of Flight Parameters to keep you updated every step of the way
  • Encrypted Communication for highest privacy
  • Capability to Integrate with User Provided Maps
  • Annotation of points of interest
  • Fail-safe Features for Communication Loss, Low Battery, High Winds, Temperature Range Violation


NETRA V4 Prime UAV is rigorously tested to deliver success across the entire spectrum of security and surveillance missions


Power your projects with our state-of-the-art land mapping drone, V4 UAV