NINJA UAV – The NPNT Compliant VTOL Micro Drone Takes Off

India’s largest drone manufacturer for defence, homeland security and industrial applications, ideaForge has successfully launched its No Permission No Take-off (NPNT) compliant Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) micro drone, the NINJA UAV. This robust UAV carries on board, the company’s excellence in reliability and functionality. It also reflects an accurate filtration of the company’s boundless experience to integrate best-in-class UAVs targeting applications such as mapping, surveying, industrial asset inspection and surveillance. It demands the least training resources and offers easiest access to professional scales of performance.

The NPNT compliant NINJA UAV is manufactured under stringent processes defined in ISO 9001:2015 certification and quality inspections are carried out at each step during its manufacturing. It is tested for its flight, drops, endurance, range and functional safety checks in addition to earning EMI/EMC compliance.

An order for the NINJA UAV can be placed here, New partners who are looking forward to expanding their footprint globally are actively welcome to reach out to ideaForge here,

“NINJA is not only our lightest drone yet, but it punches well above its weight. Built for reliability, the NINJA inherits our decade-long Military design expertise to ensure safe and compliant flights. It comes with our class-leading fail safes for Low Battery, High Wind & Communication Disruption, which makes sure NINJA returns home in adverse situations,” exclaimed Mr. Rahul Singh, Co-Founder and CTO at ideaForge, “NINJA has been built to see how far we can push ourselves to bring the performance & reliability from our larger Drones into this brand new product class, no matter if you’re doing a surveillance flight, inspecting your organisation’s critical assets, monitoring the progress of your large-scale infrastructure projects or surveying land for your next endeavour.”

Follow the link to a video for details regarding the performance and abilities of NINJA UAV.

Using NPNT compliant NINJA UAV, users can directly apply for permissions on the Digital Sky portal. This will reduce the time required to acquire flying permissions from 30 days to just a few minutes. Users can also log their post-flight data via this portal.

It is worthy to note that the NPNT standard is an all-digital protocol to acquire flying permissions completely online. This first-of-its-kind protocol ensures that enforcement is built-in so as to make safe use of Indian airspace. NPNT standard is a part of the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) regulations by India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). ideaForge has smartly amalgamated its dexterity in technology with indigenous R&D to build the most reliable NPNT compliant micro drone that can fly off-the-shelf in the Digital Sky.



October 2022

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