Counter-intelligence via drones can safeguard a nation’s interest

What is counter-intelligence? It’s the procedures and protocols undertaken to safeguard the nation’s interests by countering external insurgent or intrusive activities. Small and micro drones, for such counter-intelligence, offer an insurmountable and lasting on-field advantage.

Here are the 5 top reasons for deploying drones for counter-intelligence.

Indigenous small and micro drone technology

Technology is constantly evolving. It’s a big win for a nation to have top-level and international sought indigenous tech, especially in defence and security. ideaForge has become a global industry leader in thought and tech when it comes to setting tough drone benchmarks. These drones add that extra ‘unsurmountable’ ability to counter-intelligence.

India has been adopting tech-interventions to modernize its defence and homeland security for some time. With one on the future and another on the safety of its citizens, India has invested more than $130 billion (over the next five years) for the same (modernization of the defences forces).

Instant on-field knowledge with drones adds to the agility and versatility of strategic decision making. ideaForge has always been focused on bringing such an advantage on the field and the table. These drones help take the right call at the right time with a confident upper-hand of secure intelligence and reconnaissance.

Regular drone surveillance and counter-insurgency

Soldiers used to scout, using manual thermal scanning cameras, even in harsh climates and surroundings. This led to multiple compromises to their health and even their scouting range. Drones set-up the first step of regular and timely territorial surveillance for spotting movement or anomalies.

Going beyond stationary cameras (visual and thermal), drones add flight to the vision of the battalion or squad. These small drones help set-up regular scouting or surveillance drills to constantly keep track of any-and-all activities in the assigned territory. However, not all enemy spotting or engagement happen along the line of control. Insurgents find ways to infiltrate through deep forest covers or underground tunnels.

ideaForge easy-to-operate drones in the hands of our intelligent troops have been able to spot these subtle anomalies through regular surveying and fine change detection. High resolution infrared (thermal) scanning was able to spot the subtle vegetative and landscape changes and spot insurgent and material movement. This has led to the dismantling of multiple insurgent strongholds, nipping them in the bud many-a-times to save multiple lives.

Live operational reconnaissance with drones

Counter-intelligence is more than just pre-emption and avoidance. Live operations and campaigns require instant reconnaissance for launching offensives or preparing strong defences. This is more critical when surgical precision and stealth are a priority, either to minimize collateral damage (civilians, surroundings or assets).

Small and micro drones are the perfect stealth and intelligence partner. Scouts can launch a small drone to get a first-hand birds-eye view of the entire layout and the hostiles in play. The drones are almost silent (minimal sound) and undetectable as they hover or move at a comfortable height. ideaForge drones are also equipped with dual (swappable) payload abilities.

This means that soldiers can easily and thoroughly analyse target locations, day or night, with HD visuals or infra-red imaging (thermal). The drones can also virtually mark even a moving target to expertly track and follow it.

Rogue drone spotting and tackling

The technology employed in defence operations should be secure and uncompromising. ideaForge drone-tech has the upper hand here for immediate spotting of rogue (insurgent) drones, anywhere. Regular surveillance drones can spot and mark illegal drone usage in sensitive or no-fly zones and initiate immediate decisive action.

These indigenous drones are built with the highest level of encryption for totally secure communique between internal systems. There’s no chance of any misdirected or unauthorized access to any collected intelligence. Furthermore, the drones follow strict fail-safe protocols. In any situation with apparent battery, flight-path or structural compromise, the drone would immediately fly straight to home-base, no exceptions.

High endurance and long range drones

ideaForge’s drones are built to strict military design philosophies to withstand harsh and tough conditions while giving optimal results. These drones hold the highest in-class endurance and range, capable of longer, better and more stable flights than any other.

What this means is that the drones can tackle any-and-all circumstances thrown by differential terrains or scenarios. From the high altitudes to arid sea levels, the drone would perform with the same precision and flight feedback, each time.

The drones are man-portable. They can be carried from one place to another in a simple bag carried by a single operator. The entire Ground Control Station (GCS), including the drone, can be assembled and deployed from the same bag in no time.

The drones have Vertical Take-offs and Landings (VTOL). This means that the operator can set-up and launch the drone from even the remotest locations, sometimes even by the side of the road within a military caravan, to scout-out roads ahead for safety (avoiding sudden landslides or insurgent ambushes).

There can be far more reasons to go the drone-way to uphold counter-intelligence. However, there is one reason which stands taller than the rest. Timely intelligence gained through a drone or otherwise, can not only save lives but also sustain peace in societies and communities. Proper counter-intelligence works to isolate the illegal and insurgent operatives from doing any real damage, robbing them of all their power. It’s more than peace, it’s peaceful progress.



October 2022

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