ideaForge Drones in Mining Operations

ideaForge Drones: Guardians of The Under-grounds

As was seen on our previous blog, Mining is an industry of high stakes and even higher security threats. Threats like perimeter intrusion, illegal mining and theft are hard to prevent over the many acres of the mining sites, but drones have flown in with the solution. Flying at least 4 km at a time in just 45-60 mins, these saviours ‘patrol’ large areas in lesser time making them the ideal upgrade to your security force.

A multirotor UAV can not only take off and land vertically but also hover in mid-air. The Q series drones by ideaForge can fly up to an altitude of 400m AGL enabling them to fly over obstacles and capture different views of the target through multiple angles. It is much easier to identify problems and de-escalate situations through prompt action made possible only because of the real-time, immediate and accurate inputs by drones.

Drones mainly have two types of photographic payloads, i.e., Mapping and Surveillance. The mapping payload includes digital cameras, LiDAR cameras, thermal infrared cameras and spectral imaging cameras. On the other hand, surveillance payload includes daylight and thermal night imaging cameras. They enable the user to keep an eye out for threats constantly. The daylight payloads of the ideaForge drones have a 10x optical zoom with 15MP+ high-resolution outputs and can easily lock onto moving targets for total surveillance using its 360-degree camera rotation. The thermal night imaging camera is capable of producing both white and black hot images and can spot a target using its heat signatures no matter how well hidden it is.

Being stealthy aerial vehicles, drones have the mobility to search blind spots around the mining site that would otherwise be difficult for human patrols to access, without ever alerting the intruder. Using the feature of high resolution and optical zoom in the daylight payloads of the ideaForge drones, users can not only keep an eye on the perimeters of the site but also monitor operations such as loading, unloading and transportation as can be seen in the video here. The thermal night time payloads, on the other hand, enable the security forces to watch for threats even during periods of very low visibility. They can help spot any out of ordinary or suspicious activities, and prevent untoward incidents from happening. The live, secure and timely feed from the drones facilitate faster response time and thus, help in strengthening the security around the mining site. ideaForge drones also come fitted with exceptional fail-safe features like returning home on low-battery or during high winds which makes them really easy to operate and less worrisome.

Overall, a drone makes for a safe, low-cost and time-efficient acquisition method for live inputs which makes it the most perfect fit for monitoring and surveillance around your site.

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June 2022

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