Drones in ISR Operations – Securing India’s Defence

Using micro/small drones for ISR operations such as deep intelligence, detailed surveillance and real-time reconnaissance can increase the overall success rates of on-ground campaigns, multi-fold. It can, not just save lives, but also give the keen military-edge on the field.

India is the 3rd largest military spender in the world, with the 2nd largest armed force. There’s a clear and positive trend towards tech-infusion and modernization within the military. The other two higher military spenders (in the top 3 spender list) are the United States and China (respectively).

India is closing the gap between itself and China (in terms of military readiness and spend). One shining example for this – is with ideaForge’s totally-ingenious (every aspect from the ground-up) small and micro drones. Using these drones, India will improve upon its Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) processes and create quintessential on-field advantage at the right time in the right manner.

Here’s how these drones (of which ideaForge is India’s largest manufacturer) modernize and improve military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Tactical eye-in-sky! Sharp and actionable intelligence and counter-intelligence

Advanced-level military tactics boost the sovereignty and security of a nation. These are greatly enhanced by small and micro drones. These drones can survey and map (3D visual and thermal imagery) large areas in quick time, even at challenging altitudes to fine-tune territorial and situational awareness.

Military personnel can strategically analyse the available terrain advantages to launch successful offences. Drones in ISR operations also offer quick target discovery, identification, profiling and accurate location tagging. This is essential, not just for military campaigns, but also for building secure home bases.

Drone-led surveying and mapping offer valuable counter-intelligence which helps better augment or alter our strategies (in-time and on-point). Such tactical agility, driven by drones, are essential in maintaining the upper-hand, and hence a peaceful outlook, in key line of control (LOC) or insurgent-prone areas.

Day or night surveillance| 25x higher on-field visual coverage

Some military garrisons and outposts are equipped only with stationary CCTV cameras, motion-sensors and manual scouting/patrolling. This creates many ‘blind-spots’ which may become future security challenges. Drones help upgrade this military-tech infrastructure by making the ‘surveillance’ truly dynamic and responsive.

Drones can improve visual surveillance reach by 25x and increase total area under surveillance by 16x. ideaForge drones can carry dual-payloads for visual and thermal imaging in the same flight. They can have day or night surveillance (white-hot/black-hot) imaging, in real-time, anywhere.

These drones are totally man-portable and can be carried in a single bag (the entire Ground Control Station) by any soldier or operator. They can be deployed from any small location with Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL). They fly further, faster and better with minimal noise.

Manual patrolling at high altitudes and harsh weather takes on a toll on the health of the soldiers. Drones can assuage this workload with live and detailed surveillance of large areas, in quick time.

Regular drone surveillance helps with instant terrain change and suspicious movement detection. ideaForge drones recently helped uncover subterranean tunnels used by insurgents for goods and weapons movement. Such drone-enabled tactical advantage within counter-insurgency has nipped many latent terrorist-hubs in the bud before they can harm civilians or soldiers.

Real-time reconnaissance | Saving lives and boosting military operations

Drone-enabled intelligence and counter-intelligence help build analytically-driven and tactical military plans. Regular and detailed drone surveillance helps build on-ground intel and awareness for higher field control and shorter response time.

Drone-led real-time reconnaissance adds the active campaign advantage which ends up saving lives and minimizing collateral damage. Officers can deploy drones before crossing insurgent-afflicted roads or before setting off on a campaign. Drones scout-out the area with minimal noise and at a comfortable height to obscure them from normal vision. They use their size and endurance as stealth points.

Drones in ISR operations give live and encrypted feedback to the operator showcasing all hostiles, vehicles and weapons at the target location. The commanding officers can study the live reconnaissance feed and use it to mount an operation with a far-higher success probability. Drone-led reconnaissance also ensures that soldiers, as scouts, are kept away from high-risk open scenarios. These drones can also virtually mark and follow moving targets, even at night. This adds a great advantage to operational planning and actual execution.

India’s military might have always been considered mature and developed, acting as a strong deterrent. Border transgressions from neighbouring countries, insurgent activities and active military engagements require the tech-boost of proven drones. Drones that were built and tested, indigenously, against the highest military standards and specifications. Drones that have evolved constantly to become current and leading global-benchmarkers. They need ideaForge drones.



October 2022

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