Drones for Anti-Terror Operations – The Ultimate Force

All tech and endeavours in the line for fighting terrorism, end-up saving countless lives. Drones for anti-terror operations have become an indispensable part of defence and military strategies. They are the new, fast and ideal terror fighters.

$1.8 trillion dollars, that’s the global military budget (2018) as reported by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). This is a good 2.6% rise from the budget of 2017. India is on the top 5 with the largest military budgets. Herein, the USA, China, Saudi Arabia, India and France made up for more than 60% of all global military spending. A lot of this military spends is directed through new tech and better processes for higher success rates and lower casualties.

Imagine, and not like John Lennon, precise and targeted operations to counter insurgent movement or suspect terror activities. There’s a one-right and perfect way to minimize collateral damage on both sides. This way is paved by quality reconnaissance and live intel. Physical and on-ground intel-gathering regularly put scouts under danger and is often incomplete.

Drones lead anti-terror operations with live intel

Now, imagine carrying a drone right in a backpack, complete with a ground control system. ideaForge drones, which have been a tactical and execution partner for countless anti-terror operations, have evolved to have the most superior specs for any foreseen and unforeseen on-field developments. These drones are Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) enabled. This means that the drones can be set-up and launched from small or constricted areas within minutes.

Drones are set-off on their auto-piloted flight paths. These drones, especially ideaForge’s, are built as per military design philosophies. They have minimal noise, and at the right altitude are almost undetectable. They can scout along the area or a specific target location giving total live, multi-angle and high-resolution images or videos. This immediate reconnaissance gives the troops the upper-hand by marking all movement, entry-exit points, active movement and active hostiles in the area.

The on-ground troops can mount a strategic attack to dismantle and subdue all terror operations with drones offering perfect back-up, being the all-seeing eyes-in-the-sky. This can all be done swiftly with minimal-to-none casualties. Drones for anti-terror operations can prove to be real lifesavers.

High-end thermal and visual imaging with drones

This reconnaissance is multifactorial in nature. ideaForge drones are designed to support many high-end payloads. The troops can have live and detailed thermal (detailed black hot or white hot) or infrared imaging. ideaForge drones, specifically the pioneering NETRA Pro UAV, has dual-payload capabilities. This means that the drone can give live thermal imaging along with high-resolution images and videos in the same flight.

This multi-imaging technology gives a clear and tactical outlook of all animate and inanimate objects around the target location of the area. Thermal imaging, as the name suggests gives a thermal profile with a choice of either sharp focus with greater detail (black hot) or a wider range of thermal scanning of animate or inanimate thermals (white hot) for different types of live surveillance.

Just to illustrate the drone-intervention benefit at this point:

i. Faster and live surveillance
ii. Better and more actionable insights
iii. Superior tactical imaging
iv. Full preparedness
v. Live visual back-up for active operations
vi. Countless lives saved with minimal stand-offs

Live marking and following of moving targets with drones

Let’s dig deeper through the applications of drones in anti-terror operations. Consider the same target location or area operations as defined above. Now consider that during the operation, some terrorists or special interest targets flee the scene on foot or in a vehicle. On-hand and live surveillance from the drones jumps into the action here.

The bright of any day or the darkest of the night, even through heavy dense forests, ideaForge drones can spot, mark and automatically follow any moving target effortlessly. Clear thermal imaging even gives the complete on-ground situational awareness, also seen as total night vision, puts the troops at an advantage to cover the area and filter out the terrorist or special interest asset.

Total reconnaissance and detailed multi-altitude surveillance

This is all good and exciting, however, there is much more to drones than active anti-terror operations. Troops are always on the look-out for potential or suspicious activities. The areas they must deal in are often inhospitable or occupy local population which must to be protected. Forests or mountainous regions with varying and treacherous terrain often become a bottleneck in detailed intelligence gathering.

When there is inefficient intel to act on, it gives terror groups the headway to either stock-up on material or regroups and rebuild.

ideaForge are at the forefront of perfect all-terrain drone technology with high endurance. These drones can transverse rough conditions at multiple altitudes for launch or surveillance. The drones can give a deep, detailed and instant video surveillance of multiple acres, irrespective of native conditions. This gives the military the precise and accurate information to pre-empt counter-terror outlets at their nascent stages, without ever growing to influence or harm their surroundings.

Drones act as the gatekeepers ensuring national safety

There are enough reasons to look at drones as a lasting and quintessential element in anti-terror operations. There’s more when drone tech leaders like ideaForge stand and deliver on immediate rogue drone detection and decommissioning them in-air. This ensures that the military solely owns the drone-space in the area at any time.

Imagine a timely and decisive intel input from a drone dismantles a terror operation – the butterfly effect leads to eliminating potential multiple inland terror attacks and saving hundreds of lives. Drones for anti-terror operations – now that’s the real and right application of technology.



October 2022

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