Mumbai, Delhi boost their fight against Covid-19 with ideaForge drones

After countries like South Korea and Germany, India has become a shining light in the fight against Coronavirus. The country has shown great foresight and adaptability by incorporating drones to fight this Covid-19 pandemic.

ideaForge fights coronavirus with indigenous small and micro drones

ideaForge has been an important centric force in the evolution of drone technology in the world. The company has been a true tech pioneer with totally indigenous small and micro drones.

The global pandemic has put induced necessary regulations on international trade. However, due to companies like ideaForge, the country didn’t have to look beyond its homegrown tech for solutions. ideaForge drones helped the Indian government with key tech-interventions to plan, manage and mitigate the lockdown.

Here are the current problems facing central and state governments (with respect to the fight against coronavirus).
· Enforcing social distancing during the lockdown
· Ensuring local security to maintain law and order
· Identifying lockdown violations (crowd monitoring)
· Gaining real-time situational awareness of districts and wards
· Identifying, surveying and demarking Covid-19 hotspots
· Regular and detailed hotspot surveillance
· Enabling and strengthening contact tracing

ideaForge’s drones are being used by multiple states and cities to solve these problems.

  • Security and surveillance

    • regular and live hotspot surveillance
    • immediate lockdown violation detection
    • automated beat patrolling to eliminate theft or unlawful activities
    • monitoring roof-tops and terraces
    • resource-multiplying (reducing the stress on on-ground emergency services)
    • improving the social distancing for the on-ground police and emergency services
  • Situational awareness

    • live intel about Covid-19 affected districts
    • megaphones and speakers (carried by drones) to spread awareness messages (and ask people out on the streets to practise social distancing)
    • quick first emergency response (up to 45% faster than on-ground response teams)
    • quick change detection under lockdown areas (suspicious activities)
    • improved Covid-19 contact tracing
    • centralized control and visibility
  • Essential goods enablement

    • tracking moving food and grocery vehicles
    • enabling streamlined logistics
    • (drone-led) delivering medical supplies like sanitizers or kits
    • (drone-led) sanitization of Covid-19 affected zones

Our drones have had the privilege to perform as critical covid-19 fightback enablers. Here are a few examples for the same.

ideaForge drones in Mumbai: Dharavi, Worli and Thane

The country has the biggest and most extensive lockdown in the world. It has been a challenge to enforce a lockdown at this scale with proper discipline and control. Covid-19 has affected more than half of India’s 718 districts. The government further identified 170 hotspots in the country. Around all these regulatory formulations, the worst affected cities are Mumbai and Delhi.

Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in the world. It has a population density of around 29,000+/sq. km. There’s more to the situation. 41.8% of the city’s population stays in slums. One of the worst affected zones in Mumbai, Worli-Koliwada (which has a high population of slum-dwellers) saw Covid-19 cases swiftly move from 1 to 68 in less than a week.

Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest slums, has shown signs of similar Covid-19 spread. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) went proactive to bring in ideaForge drones to get ahead of the problem.

ideaForge helps to enforce social distancing through live surveillance and megaphones

Dharavi has a population density of around 2,77,136/sq. km. The entire zone is a hotspot and has been under strict lockdown. However, police officials aren’t able to regulate and enforce proper social distancing. It isn’t possible to manually access the small, complex and convoluted lanes in Dharavi.

The BMC is using ideaForge’s drones to survey Dharavi’s complex structure in detail.
· The live feed is directly received by a nearby control station.
· The drone easily spots lockdown violations wherein multiple people have gathered in a small area.
· The drone carries a megaphone/speaker directly connected to a police officer’s (operators) walkie-talkie.
· The police can directly pin-point people and (through speakers) ask them to disperse immediately.

The police officials and BMC are actively involved in rigorous contact tracing in high-risk hotspots like Dharavi and Worli-Koliwada (and multiple red zones in the city). The officials are using ideaForge drones to boost their operations. Drones help bring in transparency, accountability, documentation and centricity to their activities.

ideaForge drones with Thane Police in Mumbra and Bhiwandi

The Thane Municipal Corporation and Thane police are using ideaForge’s drones to regulate the hotspots and enforce social distancing in Mumbra and Bhiwandi. Mumbra has a population density of around 90,000/sq. km.

Bhiwandi has, over the second half of the past decade, come-up as a crucial logistics hub for interstate logistics (especially e-commerce). It has a population density of 26,871/sq. km. Mumbra and Bhiwandi need to be properly contained to avoid any undue and sudden surge in Covid-19 positive cases. State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and Thane police are leveraging the efficiency of ideaForge drones to enforce stringent social distancing and lockdown adherence. They are augmenting their stretched personnel and capital resources with ideaForge drones. They deployed megaphones through the drones to directly engage with the lockdown violators.

The drones helped them gain an upper hand over the virus (containment) at a crucial time where it seemed to grow beyond their (Multiple state municipal corporations’) capacity.

ideaForge drones have also served Sangli, Maharashtra and Guwahati, Assam police in a similar manner.

ideaForge drones in Delhi – the eyes and intel at the heart of the country

Delhi, like Mumbai, is one of the most populous cities in the world. It has a population density of (close to) 11,000/sq. km (2). The current pandemic has dealt the Indian capital a tough hand. The city has 1500+ Covid-19 cases with over 30 identified hotspots (as of 15th of April, 2020).

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Delhi police have brought in ideaForge’s high-endurance drones to boost their resources and help them with coronavirus containment.

The drone’s high-resolution thermal imaging has enabled the Delhi police with 24×7 lockdown surveillance and enforcement, even at night. As seen in the above cases, the drones are capable of handling different payloads like:
· megaphones or speaker,
· high-definition cameras with up to 10x zoom,
· high-resolution thermal imaging, and more.

The drones are also equipped with live target tracking. Delhi government is actively utilizing drones to effectively map out contact tracing while enforcing strict social distancing.

Drone-enabled results in Mumbai and Delhi

ideaForge drones have been a part of the country’s defence and enterprise efficiency and performance improvements. It’s a privilege and a responsibility to channel more than a decade’s worth of drone expertise to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Our drones have been able to:
· increase total area under surveillance by 16x to 25x
· increase surveillance speed by 3x
· reduce emergency response time by 45% to 50%
· enable real-time situational awareness for local authorities
· safeguard the health of on-ground police and emergency service officials
· help plan and execute hotspot surveillance and containment

ideaForge stands united with the government, the police, the local municipal authorities and the citizens during this crisis.



October 2022

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