Our primary service for all our inspired clients will be to exhibit the superiority of our products as per the requirement of the client. ideaForge UAS demonstration team is a compact ready to be deployed squad which comprises of highly trained and experienced professionals who will provide support and solutions for your wide ranging requirements. The demonstration team will be showcasing the essential characteristics and features of our UAS, tailor made to your necessities. You may request for a demonstration by submitting a request form provided in our website. 
We in ideaForge believe in rendering quality and sustainable services to our esteemed clients. Our philosophy of being leaders in the UAS arena has provided us with opportunities of building a robust, motivated and efficient training team for the users. A customized, well-structured and comprehensive training module for the operators of our UAS from various levels are prepared and adhered to in all highest possible standards. The selected candidates will be trained at your own and suitable location as per the operational scenario. Our training program includes various theoretical and practical modules to enable the operators from various backgrounds to operate our systems under simulated scenarios. We will be able to modify our training approach as per the modus operandi of the organization or the scenario of the user. The training program will be followed by a detailed evaluation report of the operators and their certification. We can also assist you in selecting the best candidates for operating our UAS.  
ideaForge has established a strong communication network with its users at various levels. Its primary focus of providing effective and reliable After – Sales support to the field operators under varied conditions and circumstances has been the back bone of the company’s successful operations. The After – sales support team is strategically located at Mumbai which is well connected with all major cities and towns where our UAS is deployed in operations.

The After Sales Support includes the following:

  • ‘D’ level inspection
  • Latest Upgrades of UAS
  • Servicing of purchased UAS
  • On – Field inspection of UAS
  • On – Field Refresher – Training to the UAS operators
  • Conducting UAS Accident investigation