NETRA – Last Minute, Last Mile UAV!

NETRA is a completely autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance of moving and fixed targets. NETRA streams you real time video of the target area with spotless clarity. The UAV has a range capability of flying up to 5 Kms with an endurance of 50 minutes. Its specialized VTOL capability enables the operator to execute operational maneuvers even in constrained flying environments. With its advanced programming of fail – safe modes both during day and night it classifies itself as an outstanding performer and user friendly UAV at all levels.

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Day & night operation

Unmatched video quality provides crystal clear, stabilized real – time video both during Day & Night operations


Vertical Take-Off & Landing for constrained area operations

Quick Deployment

Superior ready to be deployed system takes less than 5 minutes to unpack and provide aerial view of the target

Fail-Safe Modes

Multiple Fail-safe modes to handle the emergencies effectively 

Don’t just take our word for it

"NETRA: Gujarat bets on indigenous UAVs to keep surveillance,in public security - The Economic Times (for Naxal areas?) "

− Kiran Bedi, Former top cop via Twitter

"followup -- IdeaForge Netra UAV video: … #GSF2011 "

− Dave McClure, Founder - 500 Startups via Twitter

"The real-time information provided by the UAVs relayed on laptops in the control rooms helped in tracing down stranded people and for coordination of rescue."

− MS Reddy, Vice-Chairperson - NDMA
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